Effective treatments for neck self-massotherapy the neck

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We present you about treatments for the neck. Self-massotherapy neck beauticians recommend to do each time. Self-massotherapy strengthens the neck skin muscles of a face, neck allows you to clear a skin of toxins and deposits, improves blood circulation. Isolated very dry and wet methods neck skin massotherapy. To preserve the fine of the neck skin longer request the right pillow...

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Covers with olive oil for dry skin

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Mask with olive oil and beans - nourishing and whitening: white beans (5-6 grains) to seethe, mash with a fork, throw in the grapefruit extract and olive butter (1 tsp) and stir for 20 minutes to put on a face. Rinse off with heartwarming water.

Mask with olive oil and onions: a small crude onion baked in a oven, peel and bruise into pulp, add honey and a butter (1 teaspoonful), combine and use, so in the previous formula. Even extremely dry face returns to ordinary.

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However to visually hide face care imperfections - or his own make-up artist

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No women with perfectly shaped face, smooth face without the flaws. However, if you know how to do makeup accurately, correct and correct irregularities, It is possible to reach polish rooms form, polish silky skin and alluring look. Not necessarily be a good make-up artist to create a facial skin more beautiful by current cosmetics. Little tricks and professional approach - and a facial skin is like a cover of a fashion magazine. Particular application method and performance make-up will help you make a lovely makeup and fashion, and his face gentle, polish and magnetically...

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams

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Lack of water in a aging body ages a skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes skin wrinkles. So of the cleaning a facial skin to moisturize. There are careful moisturizers, skin covering an invisible protective layer. The basic purpose of daily cream - moisturizing a skin and keeping a evaporation of its own moisture...

Put service of skin in winter: properly wash, select the means to leaving and salon medication

Our face, adapting to varied weather conditions, changes its general properties. With cold weather and dropped daylight reduces a production of sebum. Oily face is moderately female, ordinary close to very dry, dry becomes more dry and sensitive. Read more -->

Items deep skin tightening

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In contrast to a existing surface, means a effect of deep suspenders do improve the condition of a skin, rejuvenate and refresh it. In this case, the impact is much deeper - items cosmetics penetrate a facial skin and improve the production of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans - substances that are involved in a regeneration and a "glue" connective tissue fibers.

Complexion later using these items to really improve, and a facial skin tightens and becomes more elastic, but it is not so firmly so in the case of surface good lifting.

A course of such cosmetics can vary from some months to a year - depending on the condition of the skin, but then accumulate in the skin of biologically active substances, and it "remembers" so great to be attractive and healthy.

Home remedies for skin tightening

Besides creams, gels, serums, toners and lotions are very efficient at face lifting cover for skin and neck, including nutritional and cleansing. Great mask with therapeutic mud: cleansing the face, you improve metabolism and blood circulation, which helps to speed up the regeneration of cells. Covers should be done at least TWO-3 minutes a week to have a stable result.

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Great and eye hygiene. Lovely eyes - eye attention.

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Bruises and circles. However to remove bruises and circles

Bruises and circles under a skin eyes - unfortunately, a common matter gerls. Causes bruising and circles under a eyes of many - this is a issue with a kidneys, lack of sleep, fatigue, improper apply of cosmetics, etc. How to remove any of a bruises and the circles under a skin eyes? In stores currently offers a lot of cosmetics to a face around the eyes. You can also apply home remedies and against bruises and circles under the skin eyes...

Look after tired skin eyes drop tools, exercise and nutrition

We live in the big cities, full of varied kinds of radiation: At work we have a computer at home - and even televisions. With all this, our skin eyes have tired, you become red, irritated. Read more -->

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