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Covers Lip


To polish skin of the lips, to give freshness and natural glow, try to do a mask for lips:

Nourishing cover for lips: Mix a small kolichesvto serum and carrot juice to carry on the lips, in 5-7 min, rinse with cool aqua. Th "cover" of serum or carrot fresh juice.

In ordering to not very dry out a lips, apply a lip following mask: Apply a mixing of cucumber or carrot juice, natural honey, sour cream and cheese. After Fifteen minutes of cooking oil grease lip

To soften leather lips and medication of little cracks mask is used for lips: assorted grated on a great grater apple with 1 tsp.. Natural butter, then put weight on his lips for 15-30 minutes. So rinse with cool water.

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A apply of facial skin covers. Applying masks


But earlier we impose a mask to properly clean out face. Specifically effectual cover as peel, following a steam bath or hot compress. Apply a mask to the massage lines.

Face mask can be applied with a brushing, sponge, brushing, cotton swab or fingertips. All this must be immaculately clean out.

After that, to reach a greater effect is desirable to cover the face with hot gauze or aluminum foil.

Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay masks, and masks that contain fresh apples, raw vegetables and cereals, oily facial skin bath off with lukewarm water (with a cotton swab). To fix the effect in a h2o, you can add grapefruit juice or big apple cider vinegar (a teaspoon in a glass of h2o). Gerls with rule to very dry skin is good to apply in this case, a compote of herbs, weak green tea, milk, broth hips, salted cold-blooded boiled h2o.

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Causes of sensitive skin


Most ofttimes a case with such skin blondes or redheads gerls. The external stimuli act on her disastrous: the summer heating, winter cold and strong wind, UV radiation, dust and other corrosive factors. This is indispensable to protect the skin, provide her with adequate fresh food and protection.

Identify causes of skin sensitivity, It is possible to find individual solutions to this issue - in every case, the approach will be different.

Sensitive skin service

However, there are ways that always helps to make the skin more healthy and sweet, to return to her tone, relieve irritation and slow aging - are all potential home and folk remedies. Most often it is a cover, creams, lotions, prepared on a basis of various products: juices, fruits, raw vegetables, natural milk, eggs, and anything that may give our skin nutrition, lustiness and defense.

Earlier you can apply home remedies, you need create sure you are not allergic to the constituents. To do this, we must make a little cream or face lotion and rub on a little area of?? facial skin. Can be used to a lips - you are much sensitive and react immediately.

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Skin Upkeep around the eyes. Compresses for tired skin eyes


ADVANCED Facial skin - technology for facial skin upkeep. Improved formula of this item combines 2 neuropeptide that relax the skin care muscles, which effect in a reduction of wrinkles.

Included however part of a tool Biopeptides, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamin, minerals, and microencapsulation technology these ingredients do this an efficacious item in the fight against many of the hallmarks of aging.

86% of women reported a important improvement in skin.

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Lip Service


The lips were ever mild, supple and sensual, not necessarily seek a help of experts and attend expensive lovely salons. You just must to thoroughly look after the lips. Regular skin upkeep lip can keep freshness and anatomy of a lips. Lip care includes several standard procedures and takes only a few minutes a day.

Each time (early or evening) do massage lips with a slightly damp toothbrush or soft corner with a towel. After the massage, use a nourishing fluid or vegetable oil (sunflower, olive, corn).

Chapped, cracked lips perfectly refreshes and hydrates the organic honey. Just do not lick it once, and hold on the lips at least 5-7 min.

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As to visually hide facials imperfections - or his own make-up artist


No women with perfectly shaped face, polish facial skin without any flaws. How, if you know how to do makeup properly, correct and correct irregularities, you can achieve shine apartment anatomy, smooth silky facial skin and alluring be. Not necessarily be a good create-up artist to make a skin more lovely by modern cosmetics. Little tricks and professional approach - and your facial skin is like a cover of a fashion magazine. Particular treatment technique and performance do-up will help you make a lovely makeup and fashion, and his facial skin gentle, polish and nice...

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