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  • Cleansing facials. Face cleaning home

    Cleansing skin care mask is prepared on a basis of soap suds, wax, clay and other synthetic products, which attract dirt, butter and dead facial skin horny scales with a skin. All that sticks to a inside of the mask, however it dries, then removed from a skin with a mask. However a result, clean out the pores, improves circulation, which gives the skin a healthy color and freshness.

    In addition cleansing cover for a facial skin and neck skin exercise mild peeling. Cleansing masks and face care, experts advise to do once a week. This type of cover is suitable for all facial skin types.

    Immediately later cleansing mask which is removed with soft water, it is beneficial to do a nutritious. But if you have not time, or at least put on face ample layer of nourishing serum.

    If you apply the masks from a manufacturer, so those with dry skin facials covers can do TWO times a 7 days. When mixed, rule and dry skin - one day a week. For sensitive skin - one every two weeks. And after 40 years of covers make more - preferably TWO times a week, depending on face condition.

    Facial skin covers homemade organic items may be used much more frequently because you are both nutritious.

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