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Welcome back! On our site you will find recipes for face masks, and tips n skincare. We will be happy to help women look their best. We are waiting for you again.

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  • Massotherapy for facelift

    Self-massage of the face will increase a covers: facial skin will actively have rid of toxins and absorb its required materials, improve muscle tone, and dead facial skin cells will peel faster, yielding put to new. Swelling disappear, skin wrinkles and laxity, facial skin will look younger and fresher.

    Massage, how a cover, you must to do 2-3 minutes a week - a skin and hands and there need be absolutely clean. One may cite here some simple exercises - any carry up to 6-7 times:

    Two hands should gently smooth the skin cheeks - with the wings of the nose to the temples;

    In the same technique to polish a skin on a forehead, but with a bottom up, with a eyebrow to the thin hair;

    From a middle of the chin, with all a hands, polish face of cheeks toward the ear lobe;

    Easy to massotherapy the area under a jaw - a back of a fingers.

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